The Fleurieu | South Australia

Directing / CInematography


Growing up in South Australia majority of my life, one of my favorite places to visit is the Fleurieu Peninsula. Whenever I return to South Australia, I always make a point of visiting the dynamic coastline at least once.  I spent a lot of time in the Fleurieu growing up, and after being apart from it I realize the beauty and uniqueness of it more and more.  It's a very nostalgic place for me. While it grounds me back to my roots, it fills up my inspiration tank at the same time. Like many other creatives, I have found these rediscovering or refueling places to be key in staying inspired.  

On a recent trip back home to South Australia, I ventured out on a day trip, filming various points of the Fleurieu coastline, with the assistance of my Film University mate Ben Crossley.    As we journeyed down the coast, passing through Myponga Beach,  Normanville, Yankalilla and and Second Valley, I captured the dynamic changing terrain and merging of the dry rolling hill farmlands with the lush sandy and rocky beachfronts.

There was no original idea leading into the project other than to be inspired and capture the essence of the time and place I have treasured for years.   The  beauty of the Fleurieu is rooted in its history of explorers, farming, fishing and whaling.  You can see this history in the land and with its ever changing colors, rolling hills and unique coastline and so it was important to embody this.   When I brought the project into the edit, I gravitated towards Eliphalet Oram Lyte's classic "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", particularly embodying the line "Life is but a dream".  I got the concept of redefining the classic nursery rhyme, by taking a version sung by a young boy, and brought it to composer/sound designer Nick Mihalevich to reinvent the 19th Century melody.  Taking a more unexpected orchestral approach to the folklore tune, combining the cinematic sounds and visuals of the coastal scenery,  it redefined an inspiring and intriguing image of The Fleureiu.  Almost paints it as this mysterious far side of the world, which from my perspective, is quiet true.  It's always beneficial when creating, to make something personal which speaks to yourself first, build on that and if it captures others, everything else is icing.  

Hopefully, to those not familiar with this region of the world, it will spark some intrigue asking "where is this place?...and how do I get there?".  For more information visiting the Fleurieu Peninsula or other South Australian regions visit Big thanks to all who helped out on this project, full credit list below. 


Director/Cinematographer - Nathaniel Schmidt
Camera Assistant - Ben Crossley
Composer/Sound Designer - Nick Mihalevich
Editor - Nathaniel Schmidt
Graphic Design - Tyler Dahl
Graphic Animation - Sam Thompson
Vocal Track - Alexander L'Estrange