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No other addiction has a higher rate of suicide than compulsive gambling. One in five of those affected will attempt suicide. Problem gambling can affect anyone, regardless of position, education or income. It's not an easy topic to talk about, but it is so important for those affected to start the conversation. Working together with agency Russell Herder, I directed the Stories of Hope series for the Minnesota Department of Health Services which profiled the stories of various problem gamblers. The common thread throughout all of their stories was the importance of having the conversation about their addiction as part of their road to recovery.  I enjoyed the challenge of taking a simple environment without distracting visuals and simply listening and engaging with these people's stories. Being able to talk with someone about their struggles is never easy, no matter how well you know then person.  So it was very humbling to witness and share their life experiences with their addiction.  Big thanks to the crew involved, be sure to watch the stories and check out the credits below. 


Ann's STORY 45"


kieth and Karen's Story 45"


Stevie and Gracie’s Story 45"



Client: Minnesota Department of Health Services
Agency: Russell Herder
Director/Editor: Nathaniel Schmidt
Producer: Tanya Silver
DP: Eric Schleicher
Audio: Nicholas Christopulos
Hair & Makeup: Ashlee Ellert
Custom Music: Joey Verskotzi
Filmed at Acme Studio