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For a long time, the appeal of classical music has been limited to a specific audience.  The truth is, that classical music can be for everyone, whether you're a teenager, parent, retired, stuck in traffic, exercising or making dinner. Classical music can be applied to any situation. I recently directed a series of spots for American Public Media for, an online streaming of classical music for all of life’s moments.  Teaming up with cinematographer T.C. Worley and producer Tanya Silver, we conceived multiple scenarios in which an everyday life moment can be transformed by classical music.  It was a fun project to work on and see evolve from concept to production. Check out the full cast ad crew below and keep an eye out for further spots.   



Director/Editor: Nathaniel Schmidt
Cinematographer: TC Worley
Producer: Tanya Silver
Talent: Jacob Garrison
Hair & Makeup: Ashlee Ellert
Sound Mixing: Chase Brandau, Cape Status
Location: Charlotte Ariss