North 47°


The 47th parallel, a circle of latitude that is 47 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. On a stormy November morning along the coast of Lake Superior, Minnesota Photographer Jonathan Chapman, captured the essence of a storm described by locals as the fiercest of the season. It is incredible to see the raw beauty of violent and turbulent nature combine with music and rhythmic editing to form a serene cinematic piece. 

I was given a lot of creative freedom to experiment with for this project, so I sought after a track which would encompass the soul and temperament a storm.  When I first heard Paul Mottram's silencing harp melody "Flickering Shadows", it was an immediate fit and the perfect rhythm I needed. The marriage of music with visuals then became a strong foundation for the flow and story of the storm captured.  Looking back on the project now, it is still one of my favourites. Read more about the Jonathan's experience shooting the storm at:

Cinematography - Jonathan Chapman

Editor - Nathaniel Schmidt 

Music – "Flickering Shadows" by Paul Mottram

Graphic Animation – Coelement