Memory is an experimental narrative, shot by photographer Jonathan Chapman, that explores the relationship between a young couple amid the intriguing surroundings of Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon.  The project had subtle direction. The goal was to evoke pure natural emotion without a script. Chapman's ability to create stunning visuals from ordinary situations always sets a pretence. This project was no exception.

While we were shooting I had some idea of how the piece may take shape, but you never know for sure until you get into the cutting room, which is the beauty of the editing process.  I would love to say each shot was planned and storyboarded, but thankfully it wasn't. Great ideas do and will change.  By creating a non-linear and subtle narrative, it gives the viewer an interpretational meaning to take away.  We aren't telling the viewer what to feel and think, rather giving them the ability to make a human connection. Some will love it and some won't care for it. That's the beauty of the creative process. 


Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman
Production / Location / Talent Coordination - John Fontana
Editing - Nathaniel Schmidt
Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman
A/C - Patrick Meehan / Nathaniel Schmidt
Gaffer - Tim Olsen
Digital Tech - Peter Hunner
Talent - Tearra Rosario / Shawn Maguire
Location - Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, CA
Color Grading - Jonathan Chapman
Music - "24FPS" - The Candlepark Stars