McDonald's Europe  



Around the globe, McDonald's has been a vastly popular symbol of burgers, fries and the USA for many years. With more than 36,000 stores in 120 countries, international traveller's will commonly witness the expansion of the "Golden Arches" across various cultural epicenters. Whilst most global stores will feature original menu classics like the "Big Mac", a large part of the brands global appeal is through its creative way of adjusting the traditional American items to accommodate the local diners, flavors and languages.  Just like the differences one experiences travelling from country to country, in their own way, McDonald's reflects these cultural differences in their menu's and stores. 

In a recent trek across multiple countries in Europe, Photographer Jonathan Chapman and crew filmed their travels over planes, trains and automobiles while documenting their travel experience from the perspective of one of the world's most recognizable brands.  At the end of the 3 week trip, the project was brought to myself to edit and sift through hours and hours of footage and create a short visual narrative of the McDonald's European adventure.  Spanning across Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the Golden Arches took many different forms across the different cultures. While I would recommend to anyone traveling abroad to explore the native cuisines first, those who travel will find it interesting to see the adaptations and differences of the traditional McDonald's items from culture to culture. It was great to partner with many talented and creative partners on this project and I hope you enjoy the final piece.


Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman/JCP
Line Producer - John Fontana
Editor - Nathaniel Schmidt
Second Camera - Eric Schleicher
Post Production - Joseph McMahon
Graphic Design - Sam Bohlken
Graphic Animation - CoElement
Music - Verskotzi
Sound Mixing / Foley - Locomotive
Representation - The Gren Group