Just Ask | MDHS



For many young adults,  fantasy football, a night out at the casino or the occasional game of poker with friends can be a harmless form of gambling. However, it is during this stage where people ages 18 to 24 years old have the highest risk of developing a gambling problem. Today, the online landscape is constantly changing and the definition of gambling is more grey than ever. Young people are highly targeted not just by casinos, but also online gaming companies where there are less restrictions on who can gamble. Therefore, it is important for young adults to be armed with the right information in regards to gambling in their adolescence. Working together with agency Russell Herder, I directed this short 45 second spot for Just Ask MN, an organization created by Minnesota Department of Health Services to raise awareness about the risks associated with gambling at an early age.   



Client: Minnesota Department of Health Services
Agency: Russell Herder
Director/Editor: Nathaniel Schmidt
Producer: Tanya Silver
DP: Eric Schleicher
Field Audio: Hyun Lee
Hair & Makeup: Ashlee Ellert
Sound Mixing: Cape Status