In a collaboration with Josh Kohanek Photography, I was brought a plethora of beautiful visuals in which I edited into a 60 second piece titled "I Like You".  The goal was to create an intimate fly on the wall experience of a young couple interacting with one another on a lazy morning.  Myself and others alike, can connect to the romantic and ridiculous joy one gets from staying at home with another person and just simply goofing around, not doing much at all. The use of multiple fast cuts, but with slow motion footage, worked well to create a complimentary rhythm to the desired style and the progression of time which was aided by the slow intimacy of the music track "Stand Where You Stand" by Destry. The color grade I applied following Josh's direction called for blue/purple tones which complemented the clean whites in the spaces.    Great to work with another talented team of people in Minneapolis. See full crew list below. 


Director - Josh Kohanek
Camera - Eric Schleicher and Jonny Stuckmayer
Editor - Nathaniel Schmidt
Stylist - Toby Rae
Hair and Makeup - Tia Cartwright
Talent Rep - Julia Wolfe
Animation - Sam Thompson
Music - "Stand Where You Stand" by Destry