El Bosque is a short cinematic narrative I edited, which was shot in Central Park, NYC by Photographer Jonathan Chapman.  Like personal projects before, this piece offered a new canvas to experiment with and push new creative boundaries different to projects I have worked on in the past.

Upon Jonathan's return from New York,  he shared the footage with me and it was apparent the project could be taken in multiple directions.  The footage followed a basic story of a man exploring and contemplating life amid the woods of Central Park.  Because of Jonathan's photographic background, combining the use of multiple images, scenes and details to tell a story I decided to incorporate a split screen "diptych" approach, which complemented a photographer's style of motion.  

After the basic structure of visuals and music were in place, we then decided to add a vocal accompaniment.  We sought after Minneapolis copywriter and Artcrank founder, Charles Youel to write the voice over.  After showing Charles the piece, he commented "There's a timeless quality to the scenes, in that they feel like they could be happening almost any time during the past 40-50 years."  Out of fear of it looking too commercial, instead of writing material for the piece, Charles suggested we use a quote and pointed us in the direction of the writings of Henry David Thoreau.  I then began digging through Throeau's old writings and noticing his various passages having a strong relevance in life today and found it matched the story quite poetically.  

The marriage of the words and visuals brought us to the final addition of a wise and mature voice, spoken in a Spanish tongue by Argentinian, Jorge Otero.   The title "El Bosque", translated from spanish means "the woods", which we took from Thoreau's opening quote.  It was a great experience taking Thoreau's writings and applying them to present day life and emotions, but also voyaging into a new creative frontier and translating his writings into spanish.  We teamed up with sound mixer Nick Mihalevich at Cape Status Studios to record the voiceover.  Jorge and JCP Studio Manager, John Fontana, worked closely together on the spanish translation right up until the recording. 

El Bosque was an exciting wave to ride and I enjoyed the irony of finding solitude and reflection in one of the largest, busiest and most populous cities in the world. Hopefully, the passages of Thoreau in Spanish prompts some reflection in the midst of our busy lives and inspires us to make our own venture into the woods.