Chex Mix | Deliciously unpredictable Roadtrip  



"The Chex Mix Deliciously Unpredictable Road Trip", was a series of social media videos created of a journey full of surprises, laughs, dancing and a bit of controlled chaos. I had the pleasure to direct and film the campaign driving across America with social media family, "The Eh Bee’s.  As I learned after working on this project, if you have a phone you’ve probably heard of the Eh Bee’s.  With over 6 million followers worldwide and over a billion views, the Canadian Viner's definitely attract some attention.  To add to the campaign’s unpredictability, we were joined on the trip by TV personality, Alfonso Ribeiro, recent winner of “Dancing with the Stars,” and famously known for his days on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Growing up in the nineties, this was quite the experience for myself, being a big fan of Fresh Prince.  

Together with the team at Fast Horse, we set out on the six day #ChexMixRoadTrip beginning in Yellowstone National Park and ending all the way down at the Grand Canyon.  Along the way, the Eh Bee’s and Alfonso took in the attractions, from zip lining to kayaking, as well as some random roadside surprises as they traveled in their RV.  

As a film crew, covering a journey across six states in six days, we had to be pretty nimble and quick on our feet to cinematically capture all the unpredictable activities of the trip. Being a social media campaign and a daily need for video uploads to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, time was of the essence.  I brought on a very small crew consisting of DP Eric Schleicher and Digital Tech Chris Worlow. Having multi coverage of our subjects and the activities was key to capturing all the live and unpredictable moments, whether kayaking, zip lining, or hiking, we always had 3-4 cameras rolling at a time.  The fast turnaround from shooting to editing lent itself to the quick cutting nature of the road trip experience and the energy of the Eh Bees.  Making our way down through some of the most beautiful roads of America, this campaign was just as much of a road trip for the crew as it was for the Eh Bees. One of my more favorite “unpredictable" videos of the trip, was a sunset pitstop in Zion National Park, hiking the red rock terrain with the Eh Bees. Be sure to check it out below. Had you flipped the cameras around, you would have seen a very “gleeful” film crew prancing around enjoying the scenery.  

It was a great project to be apart of and a big thanks to the crew, the Eh Bee’s, Alfonso and the people at Fast Horse and General Mills for a great project. Check out the full videos from the campaign below along with the full list of crew for the project.      

1. "Hitting The Road". Boseman, MT (30 Second)

2. "Kayaking". Yellowstone, WY (50 Second)

3. "Road Games".  Idaho (50 Second)

5. "Zip Lining". Park City, UT (30 Second)

7. "Hiking". Zion National Park, UT (30 Second)

4. "Diner Surprise". Peach City Ice Cream, UT (60 Second)

6. "Gas Station Surprise" (30 Second)

8. "The Grand Canyon". Grand Canyon, AZ (15 Second)


Client: General Mills
Agency: Fast Horse
Director/Editor: Nathaniel Schmidt
DP: Eric Schleicher
Additional: Nathaniel Schmidt and Chris Worlow
Digital Tech: Chris Worlow
Talent: The Eh Bee Family, Alfonso Ribeiro
Music: Joey Verskotzi
Animation: Sam Thompson