PNW | HWY 30, Oregon

This past week I headed out west to Portland for a recent project. Having been to Oregon before, but only in the summertime, I had not witnessed the infamous damp winters of the Pacific North West...this trip was an exception. For the majority of our time in Oregon, it did not stop raining. Growing up in dry and drought prone, rural Australia, I was amazed at how much it rained while we were there.  However, because of the wet oceanic climate, it enriches the beautiful green and misty backdrop of the PNW. During our trip we headed up Highway 30 along the Columbia River, the bloodline of "Cascadia" dividing Oregon and Washington. Despite the various forms of precipitation on our drive through the misty fjords along the Columbia, it made for an incredible spectacle. Winding through bends of lush, forest covered mountains, hidden and revealed by mist, it certainly gave the optic nerve a refresh.  I really enjoy the moments in the midst of our busy work lives to step back and allow for these situations to surprise us. Check out the photos from the drive below and look forward to more of the unknown this year.