Adidas | Head to Head



Take a very simple environment. Add a point of interest. Light it in a visually engaging way and shoot it from multiple angles; you'll come away with something pretty nice.  This was the vision for the spec project "Adidas: Head to Head", created by a collaboration of Minneapolis creatives, orchestrated by Photographer Jonathan Chapman

When I approached editing this project, Jonathan wanted a very high-paced, cinematic piece, different to anything he had done before.  My natural interpretation was to view the project like a boxing match.  Table Tennis is a fast sport, but I wanted to give it that competitive, gnarly punch you would get from a fist to the face.   Taking inspiration from the boxing scene in Guy Ritchie's Snatch (2000), I used a lot of short, fast cuts with dynamic changes to the speed and motion of the clips.  

To give it that bam effect, the addition of post sound work was a vital ingredient.  I worked closely with composer, Nick Mihalevich at Cape Status throughout the project in progressing the rhythm.  Originally, I gave Nick a rough cut with an inspiration sound track I made with non-diegetic audio, consisting of the boom and whoosh sounds and the music track "Diesel Power" by The Prodigy.  I loved the beats in the track and thought it was an effective way of guiding the desired rhythm for Nick when he began composing the music.  Once we were both liking the music, Nick brought in sound designer, Nick Leisenheimer, by adding folly sound and tweaking the non-diegetic sound mix. By the end, we had a pretty complex and awesome sounding edit.  I can confidently say that the project was a successful and collaborative venture. It was one of the most demanding and experimental projects I have worked on to date and enjoyed working with the vast creative talent in Minneapolis.    To see more from the production watch the Behind The Lens episode. 


Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Production - Bobbi Peacock
Assistant to Producer - John Fontana
Edit - Nathaniel Schmidt
Assistant Director - Tony Franklin
Director of Photography - Alex Horner
Aerial Photography - Picture Factory
Second Camera - Eric Schleicher
First A/C - Jules Ameel
Talent - Ahmed Zain/Henry Klaverkamp
Behind the Scenes - Nathaniel Schmidt / Bill Hickey
Art Department/Props/Wardrobe - Alison Hoekstra
Lighting - Michael Handley / Tasty Lighting Supply
Location Scout - Anne Healy
Production Assistant - Angie Marasco
Production Assistant - Nicole Klein
Production Assistant - Jaclyn Greeman
Color Grading - Jonathan Chapman
Music Compostion - Nick Mihalevich / Cape Status
Sound Design - Nick Leisenheimer